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Our comprehensive service is reliable, fast, and easy to use. You get an instant offer for your vehicle, schedule a free pickup, and get money on the spot. It couldn't be more convenient.

We can recycle all kinds of cars, electric, hybrids, and gas-powered vehicles. Any type of body, model, make, and year!

Damaged, faulty, broken, old, or unwanted car! We can scrap any unwanted vehicle regardless of its conditions.

High-quality car scrapping service in Birmingham. No hidden costs. Just a fast, reliable service at competitive prices!

How it works

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Full or online inquiry form and enter your car’s details. It takes less than a minute.

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We calculate the value of your scrap car based on market value, seasonality, and demand.

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Book an appointment and schedule a pickup time and location at your convenience.

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Get the best price for your scrap car on the spot. Get cash or cheque as you like.

Why Choose We Buy Scrap Vehicles

We have been in the car scraping business for over a decade. Based on our industry experience and knowledge, to give you the best offer for your vehicle. Our valuation experts will price out your cars to maximize your profit.

As soon as we receive your application, we prioritize speed and convenience. We can send our tow truck driver to your car’s location within 24-48 business hours.

You’ll get paid on the spot! No surprising costs! No delay in payment!

Why wait? Give us a call or fill our online form or a quick quote.

Fast. Easy. Guaranteed!