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How much money will I get for selling my car for scrapping ?
We Buy Scrap Vehicles provides quick price quotes online or over the phone.
To price your vehicle, we match it against our database and the latest prices of metals and used cars. This helps us ensure that you receive an updated quotation based on the true valuation of your car.
All quotes are based on your 'complete' vehicles, which means no part has been removed. In case a part or two are missing, we'll price your scrap vehicle based on weight only.
Do I need to submit the V5C registration certificate for scrapping my car ?
Yes! We need this document to issue your vehicle a Certificate of Destruction (CoD) through the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA).
Do you need keys when you scrap my car ?
Ideally, we ask you for the keys to your car. But if you can't provide keys for whatsoever reason, we can still collect them. The price remains unaffected by missing keys.
In this scenario, we use your V5C certificate as evidence of your ownership of the car. In case you can't provide both the keys and the V5C certificate, we can't scrap your car.
How long will it take for you to collect my car? Do I need to be present at that time ?
Usually, it takes up to 10-15 minutes for us to load your vehicle onto our recovery vehicle. The timing varies depending on accessibility and location.
Given that you're a registered owner of the car, you don't need to be present during the collection process. But there should be someone in your place, your relative, family member, friend, or neighbor. The person must have a relevant ID. Also, note that the person present on your behalf will be paid, either by cheque or cash, if a valid MOT.
My car is not in running condition. Could you still collect it for scrapping ?
That's fine! Most cars we collect are no longer roadworthy. That's why they need to be scrapped. As mentioned above, you've to produce a V5C certificate, keys, and other relevant documents. If the vehicle has alloy wheels, you've to provide the locking wheel nut key also.
Lawfully, you have to provide details of your photo driving licence, passport, and/or a utility bill dated within the past three months.
What if my vehicle is not registered in the UK ?
No problem! We can still scrap your car. But in this case, we won't be able to provide you with the Certificate of Destruction (CoD). Instead, we send you an email confirming that your car has been scrapped.
Make sure you verify with the relevant authority in the nation of your car’s origin to ensure that the confirmation email is enough for the purpose.
My car’s mot has failed. Could you still accept it ?
Yes. We don’t need a valid mot certificate, we also buy mot failures to recycle or scrap your vehicle.
The registration of my car is not in my name? Could you still accept it ?
Sorry. In order to prevent fraud, we accept vehicles only from registered owners. We pay only to the registered owners of the car.
Can you collect my car if it has flat tyres ?
Yes! We’re equipped to recover a car with flat or damaged tyres.

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